Sanctuary Island

During the decade of destruction by mother nature landmasses were altered considerably. Sanctuary island was formed in the middle of Bear Lake on the southeaster edge of Idaho. The island stands roughly 200 feet high and the only access spot for the island is on it’s southeastern side.

The rest of the island is sheer cliff faces and while climbable it would take an skilled expert to successfully scale it. The island is flat topped with groves of trees, pastureland and even have some natural springs. This makes the island very defendable and self sustaining for a small or possibly medium sized town. Anything larger unfortunately would tax the natural resources too much.

The western side of the island has a row of 3 caves near the waterline where CDDC opened up a mining operation initially to see if there were hidden minerals in the rock. They have long since abandoned those 3 tunnels since no viable mineral sources were found.

At this time the island has a small colony and 2 outposts on it. The colony is called Tyler and the outposts are Roost and Singleton.

Sanctuary Island

Sanctuary Island Sablehawk